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Quality Transmission Services in Richmond and Lower Mainland

Transmission is one of the most important aspects of the smooth functioning of an automobile. It isn’t a part but a whole system that needs regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure efficient operation. At Boss Automotive, we are one of the most reliable names in transmission services in the areas of Richmond and Lower Mainland. We follow a high standard of quality and service so that your vehicle witnesses minimum breakdowns and problems. We have the latest tools and technology which give accurate and timely results in rebuilds, repairs and diagnostics.

Transmission Services

Your transmission needs upkeep to guarantee a long life and maintain a safe distance from transmission issues. At Boss Automotive, our services for transmission include a total multi-check review of your vehicle’s performance and general activity. At regular intervals, we do thorough diagnostics, including dismantling and investigating the transmission system for hidden problems. From manual to automatic, whatever is the problem with your transmission system, our knowledgeable experts can correct it effectively.


We work on both foreign and domestic vehicles for fixing their transmission issues. All kinds of models, makes, off-road, work and commercial vehicles are serviced here. Feel free to reach out to us for any related queries or information.

Automatic and Standard Transmission Repairs

Automatic Transmissions change between gears automatically to enhance driving, and switches gears depending on the driver's pedal, speed and vehicle load. Normally, automatic variants have 2 to 10 forward gears, a reverse, park and neutral gear. Changing gears happen automatically and a driver does not have to necessarily focus on clutch and gear stick, like in manual transmission. Fixing automatic transmission problems is difficult since it is dependent on all the parts that make it up, and you need to seek professional expert help to figure out the issues and their solutions.


Manual transmissions are found commonly in many vehicles, but not usually in the latest and modern models. As the name suggests, vehicles that use gear shift and clutch pedal to manually shift the gear are called manual transmissions. Commonly, manual transmissions require less support than automatic ones. At Boss Automotive, our certified experts can analyze your vehicle and then suggest the transmission fix to ensure the security and improve the lifetime of your vehicle.

Transmission Rebuilds

Boss Automotive utilizes the latest diagnostic technology to determine if there is an electrical issue or internal transmission failure. All transmission parts are carefully dissassembled and cleaned by our trained technicians. They test and inspect all internal components including all electronics during the rebuild. We take advantage of all the available updates to avoid and eliminate reccuring issues with your transmission assembly. 

Transmission Services

Get on the road safer and sooner with Boss Automotive’s transmission services

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